Cryptex Metal Puzzle




If you are a big fan of Dan Brown and the famous Da Vinci Code or just a lover of beautiful Mysterious objects then the Cryptex is for you!

🎁With each Cryptex we offer you   its free gift box which includes: a screwdriver + two rings + two chains + a greeting card! 

This metal tube is composed of 6 Crowns on which all the letters of the alphabet rest. If you enter the correct Secret Code then its content will be revealed to you! Otherwise it will remain closed forever! The basic code to open it is: I LOVE U (we love romanticism at TΓͺte-Dure). But you can modify it as you want!

You will be provided with all the necessary accessories for this purpose πŸ”§. If you want to give something special to someone special in a slightly special way then the item is yours … πŸ’

  • DifficultyInviolable πŸ”’
  • Ultra-Resistant Metal βš’



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Cryptex Metal Puzzle”

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