Cube 10×10



The ideal gift for a pro cuber: the Rubik’s Cube 10×10! Its soft and fluid movements give you an incredible feeling of control. The elasticity of the cube is of course adjustable to best adapt to its owner.

The complexity of the mechanisms of this kind of cube made it completely inaccessible a few years ago. Our partner MoYu has created a reliable fluid and robust cube while keeping it at an affordable price! A fabulous technical feat that finally makes 10×10 accessible to as many people as possible!

  • Ecofriendly non-toxic ABS ♻︎
  • Dimension: 84 * 84 * 84mm
  • Weight:  385 g
  • Brand:  MoYu Cubing
  • Ultra-fluid  mechanism
  • Promotes Brain Development 



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