Cube 8×8


SKU: R-8x8-S


Composed of 296 mobile cubes it will not leave experienced cubers hungry! No lair to solve it because no cube is fixed. Despite everything you will be able to succeed in placing the corners as well as the edges with the algorithms of the Rubik’s Cube 3×3 but for the rest you will have to learn!

The (unofficial) world speed record for the 8×8 Rubik’s Cube is held by YouTuber Kevin Hays. He was able to solve it in 5 min 49 sec 08 cs!

  • Ecofriendly non-toxic ABS ♻︎
  • Dimension:  69 * 69 * 69mm
  • Weight:  221 g
  • Brand:  MoYu Cubing
  • Ultra-fluid  mechanism
  • Promotes Brain Development 



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