UNO Card Game


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Play the world’s number one card game: UNO! Whether you are at home on the go a veteran of the famous game or completely new to the game UNO will remain the ultimate competitive game for the whole family!

Very easy to learn you will quickly become addicted to it. Although it is easy to play it always keeps a strategic component of its own!

The objective of UNO is to get rid of all your cards before the other players get rid of theirs. Use the special action cards to frustrate your playmates! But be careful when you only have one card left in your hands don’t forget to shout: UNO! If you forget it and one of your opponents notices it beware of COUNTER-UNO!

The first to get rid of their cards wins!

The UNO is excellent for concentration memory and reaction time!

  • Eco-Responsible ♻︎





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UNO Card Game”

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