Hard Head | Puzzles & Thinking Games

Wooden or Metal Puzzles, Chess, Checkers, Go, Rubik’s … If you are the type to use your head, then Welcome to Heaven!

Be stubborn, persist in finding a solution to each problem, join the TĂȘte-Dure family …

Detach yourself from your screens, on our site you will find something to boost your mind alone thanks to our puzzles and our rubik’s or between friends, thanks to our board games such as chess or Go or our exceptional card games ,

Don’t waste your Potential, you will find a good number of Games with us that will allow you to keep your brain in shape!

For RPG enthusiasts, their dice are just crazy, the quality, the finishes, the quality of the packaging everything, everything, everything!

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The Human Brain is a brilliant machine. It is he who makes you so special compared to other animals.

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